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I was just checking through the messages and noticed a reply had gone up. As it relates to Yellow Roses back in July, I thought many of you would miss it. But as I’ve promised to make any of your own versions of these songs available I thought this might be worth an extra post.

It occurs to me that I might have missed other submissions (apologies if I have), so if anyone else has anything current on YouTube or elsewhere relating to the songs so far, please add links below. I’ll try and keep on top of any future submissions and ensure they are brought to everyone’s attention. I’d prefer it if we can stick to new or recent recordings rather than trawling up every link to Steeleye, Martin Carthy, etc as I know there are a lot out here, mostly with the audio taken directly from CD and there we get into murky waters.

Can I also ask (although I’m sure I don’t really need to) that in the spirit of an open door policy here, no disparaging of others’ efforts please. If you don’t think someone’s submission is good, then do better rather than leave negative comments.

What I’m after is people who feel inspired by this in some way. And with thanks to Kate this fits the bill so here’s that post and video link.

This is such a wonderfull song, and i would probably never have heard it if it wasn’t for Fay and Jon. I’ve recorded my own attempt on you tube and thought I’d post it up here.
Hope that works!


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  1. Jerry Simon says:

    Jackie De Shannon, 1963: I know this an old dusty recording, but it’s fascinating – it’s basically the same song certainly, but how different in every way!

  2. Nige Rivers says:

    Just a note to say that this project has definitly inspired me to learn some new songs, as did Fay’s singing at Towersey.

  3. In the spirit of reassuring Jon that AFSAD is encouraging ordinary singaround people to do more, I have posted my attempts at Young Roger Esquire and Bold Sir Rylas, just audio, in Learning both these was inspired by Jon’s project; they are great fun to perform, even though neither is particularly good for social joining-in. As part of the folk process I have embellished both with extra words gleaned from the Mudcat threads.

  4. Phil says:

    Clicking on my name will take you to my Myspace page, where among other things you can hear my take on Blackwaterside (which Jon did back in July, I think). Someone commented the other day that I’m one of the few male folkies to do that song – well, me and Mr Boden!

  5. Phil says:

    Kate – very nice indeed. To be honest I’ve never been able to take that song quite as seriously since we collectively tracked it down to an old Adam Faith album – but that doesn’t detract from your performance, which is rather fine.

  6. Shelley says:

    Hurray! Well done Kate!

  7. Kate Akers says:

    Thank you Phil. I heard the Adam Faith track on You Tube. Certainly is a lot different to the other ones on there!!

  8. Maureen Musson says:

    Lovely, Kate!

  9. LadyD says:

    Wonderful Kate.

  10. Simon Dewsbury says:

    Kate, thanks for inspiring ‘something different’, and to admin for the encouragement for people to post.
    My only caveat is that this is going to take up even more of my time….and that’s even if I don’t get distracted by the further links on the right hand side of youtube (I was perilously close to learning how to paint a rosebud in watercolour, Kay).

  11. Simon says:

    Thanks Phil, I had you in mind when I said I thought I’d probably missed something and thanks Alan as well, especially for Granfather’s Ferret (the title alone suggested I had to hear it and I wasn’t disappointed.) I’m glad people seem to have responded positively to this and would like to make a feature of submissions once a month, so get busy people and don’t be shy.

  12. LadyD says:

    I have found it inspiring…. although not being a ‘singer’ (trust me my fiddle playing is better than my singing and that *is* atrocious) I’ve been inspired by the accompanied tracks. Been playing High Babaree on the on row melodeon (key of C). I would record and post but as its folk ‘song’ a day not folk ‘tune’ I guess it doesn’t conform to the criteria. Unless someone wants to add some vocals to it?

  13. Simon says:

    What a great idea, surely in these days of file transfer and computer based home studios, someone must take up the challenge!

  14. LadyD says:
    this is a virtual duet of ‘High Barbaree’

    This was recorded without actually meeting.
    I used these dots
    and transposed to C.
    Voice: Kate Akers
    Anglo Concertina: Me

  15. LadyD says:

    Uploaded it to youtube if anyone can’t get the other link to work (although it reduces the sound quality)

  16. Jane Ramsden says:

    Good on all you singers and musicians!

    Alan R, I see you have a link to a lot of information on turnpikes and similar as well as a good voice.

    I’ve listened to several, if not all of Kate’s YouTube vids now, and Muzza’s, plus Phil is doing his 52 Songs project with some great notes to accompany the chosen tunes.

    LadyD, thanks for the folk tune finder. Another weapon in the only-knowing-2-verses-of-any-song-like-Shirley-Collins’-aunt syndrome!

  17. muzza(s.e.England) says:

    LadyD&Kate……………you say this is a virtual duet…….how u do dat?….do you send a cd to Kate and she sings ……..or otherway round…we need to know!..
    I’m sure that listeners would be intrigued and would appreciate your adding the explanation to the YOUTUBE post notes.

  18. muzza(s.e.England) says:

    Kate…….1,383 hits on your “Blacksmith courted me”…wow…
    ref my comment on “yellow roses” (NForest82)..still waiting for that smile…..
    although, I only smile when I go wrong………lots then!

  19. Diana says:

    A nice rendition of a lovely sentimental song.

  20. richclarkson says:

    I discovered this site earlier this year, just as I was getting into folk singing. Inspired by this I’ve been posting a folk song on my blog each day this month

    I’ve also signed up to sing some folk songs at the ‘Blackberry Fair’, our town’s harvest festival, next weekend – it will be the first time I’ve performed in front of people for a very long time!

    Thanks for keeping it going 🙂

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