(Blow The Winds High-O ) Ten Thousand Miles Away


I must confess that Jon threw me a real curve ball with this, possibly down to the original source for him being, “From the same tape that I learnt Across The Line from. That tape was partly responsible for getting me into Peter Bellamy as I bootlegged (taped – Ed.) Songs & Rummy Conjuring Tricks on the back of it, even though I thought it was awful. Repeat listening thanks to auto-reverse cured me of my ignorance.” His given title of Blow The Wind High-O (or Ho) seemed to be a completely different song, so it took a bit of Googling to get to the correct title of 10,000 Miles Away (perhaps obvious because of the lyrics!) and once again to the pen of Joseph Bryan Geoghegan (as with Hey John Barleycorn on Sept 20th), dated 1870. Mudcat has it amongst his know compositions here and again this is the best stab at painting the picture of his life. Certainly the lyrical reference to catching the train chimes with that and this Mudcat thread will tell you more about both the song and its author, although perhaps appropriately for the nautical theme has a couple of red herrings in the mix (including yet another song.) So, not a sailors’ song at all more of  a Victorian theatre, Music Hall number or parlour song. Jolly good though.

You can buy the September digital album now from all good download stores:


15 Responses to “(Blow The Winds High-O ) Ten Thousand Miles Away”

  1. Reinhard says:

    Jon already sang two verses and the chorus of this song in 2005 on the Spiers&Boden CD Tunes.

  2. Jane Ramsden says:

    That was just brilliant, Jon! I’d be scared to death of tripping over missen singing that one, if I didn’t run out of breath! Ye are masterful, lad!

  3. LadyD says:

    Love this one. Makes my foot tap even though there’s no accompaniment.

  4. muzza(s.e.England) says:

    Such a jolly little song…………..bowls along quite merrily.
    This fella must be the extreme optimist to view transportation with such a bright outlook…The song was obviously written “Tongue in cheek”

  5. nev perry says:

    The mudcat threads certainly paints a very vivid picture of the author. A bit of a boy this guy and make no mistake he certainly loved the ladies, two in particular, however this did not seem to deter him from writing and performing song and managing theatre. Keeping two women on the go and all those children! he must have been perpetually knackered no wonder he died at an early age, probably smiling! Great performance of the song Jon!

  6. Linda says:

    Catching up with yesterday and today, Muzza you shouldn’t have mentioned the archive I couldn’t resist. Enjoyed both yesterdays version of A Begging I Will Go and todays song. The archive topped it all off beautifully. Look forward to seeing Bellowhead at Derby

  7. Diana says:

    A great song – love Bellowhead’s video where some of them are acting as pirates which was fitting. Jon’s version here is excellent. A really jolly romp!

  8. Muzza(NW Surrey-UK) says:

    Just the song to sing as you are doing the washing up………….
    hold that thought …Jon B washing up whilst singing this song..dropping plates!

  9. Diana says:

    @Muzza one never knows, Jon might be quite domesticated.

  10. Bryony says:

    Still gives me a kick to see a mention of a song by my great great great grandfather, JBG. We only found out he wrote well known songs about 6 years ago! Volume has gone on my laptop but will try to have a listen another time when I’m on a different computer.

  11. I got this one from Walter Pardon via Musical Traditions ~ I sing this rather more slowly and try to get audience participation ~ I have recorded this to CD btw


  12. OldMuzza(NWSurreyUK) says:

    That fella’s far too jolly….feel he needs a good slap!
    or is it me getting out of bed this morning as autumn creeps in!

  13. Jane (Maryland) says:

    In case anyone hasn’t wandered over to Mainly Norfolk, here’s the Bellowhead video (with pirates!)

  14. OldMuzza(NW Surrey UK) says:

    Ohhhh thank you Jane (Maryland)…the video is a hoot….can’t get over the white suit and the Ketchup invasion!!!

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