The Banks Of The Tees


Jon reminices, “Although my time in the north east was more on the banks of the Wear and, to some extent, the Tyne, this song by Graeme Miles really captures the atmosphere of the area and of that time in my life. I heard it from Robin Dale and Martin Wyndham Reed”

Not the first of Graeme’s songs to feature here, this is very timely. A quick flit over at Mudcat brought up the Ironopolis project that features Graeme and includes this track on a new double CD set. Regrettably I’m having trouble launching the website. I’m intrigued as I’ve liked all of Graeme’s stuff and have been tempted by the book. I may try and get the CD and let you know.



24 Responses to “The Banks Of The Tees”

  1. Michael says:

    Looks like the redirector on the Ironopolis site is dodgy – black screen and flickering….

    (BTW Martin W-R is “Wyndham-Read”.)

  2. John Biggs says:

    A beautiful song, beautifully sung. Thank you.

  3. Jane Ramsden says:

    Loved this. Shame I was not able to access the Ironopolis site either. We must be Woolopolis in Bradford then!

  4. Reinhard says:

    A wonderful song beatufilly sung, thank you very much! But can somebody help me with the line in the last verse that starts with “The call of the curlew”? It sounds like “the fairy car bell” to me but that doesn’t make any sense at all.

    The Ironopolis page basically consists of a redirect to itself which then redirects to itself which then … It has been last changed on April 27, 2006 and hasn’t been fixed since then, so it probably won’t be fixed in the near future either.

    (BTW MW-R is “Martyn Wyndham-Read”.)

  5. muzza(s.e.England) says:

    @Reinhard…..perhaps “Ferry car bell”
    Lovely song/tune/performance
    The Ironopolis site sent my pc mad with a continuous stream of flashes and audible clicks

  6. Simon says:

    I think that’s “ferry car bell,” probably local Smoggie for the bell of the tram. I’ll double check though. (Muzza my post was in limbo but we seem to have hit the same line of thinking.) I’ve removed the Ironopolis link as it’s clearly duff, but will find out about the CD.

  7. Elfie Martin says:

    Very lovely: haunting and joyful at once. Thank you, Jon.

  8. Rosie says:

    Absoloutely lovely. I felt as if I was there!
    Must learn the words.

  9. Kevin Hall says:

    Just to clear things up regarding an Ironopolis web site. There is no web site associated with the Ironopolis Singers or Graeme Miles. The Ironopolis site you are accessing is probably a site for fans of the Ironopolis Football team in Middlesbrough. You can get the double cd from me for the great price of £13.50 including postage and packaging. 21 songs and Graeme’s narratives. Cheers

  10. Peter Walsh says:

    Just wonderful! That shadow of the crane over the water really is a sight to behold; no wonder it inspired Graeme Miles to write this.

    Performed well, Jon. Another shining example of what I’ve been missing due to extreme work commitments (this old codger has been busy teaching younger engineers, requiring lots of preparation, and leaving me less time for AFSAD, drat!).

  11. Diana says:

    Very nice – haunting melody and plaintively sung.

    Pewter I see you are in teacher mode today. The preparation work is always time-consuming, so sorry you are missing out on your daily dose of AFSAD. Also do not call yourself an old codger – you are as young as you feel.

  12. Diana says:

    Very nice – haunting melody and plaintively sung.

    Pewter I see you are in teacher mode tody – you will find that the preparation work always is time-consuming. Do not call yourself an old codger – you are as young as you feel.

  13. Diana says:

    The blasted submit button refused me the first time so I had to do it all again and now there are two almost identical messages. Sorry!, You can see there is quite a gap between them.

  14. Diana says:

    Reynard you may be surprised to find that I remembered “Kitchen Songs” and have been on the website. It doesn’t start till the llth of this month by the way.

  15. Peter Walsh says:

    No teaching today, Dainer, that’s why I can listen! You know, some of the young ‘uns pick up stuff so quickly, I swear they are doing it by osmosis (Muzza’s mystery artist!). It’s akin to an elder folk singer trying to pass on a traditional song to the new generation, only to find that they know the words and tune already!!!

  16. Dainer says:

    Pewter if the young ones are picking stuff up quickly it is because you are explaining well and showing them correctly and they are interested to learn, so you are doing a good job.

    I would like to hear Muzza’s singer called “osmosis” he sounds interesting doesn’t he?

  17. Muzza (N.W.Surrey-UK) says:

    We human beans are a strange lot…..
    With the gift of memory we can recall selected bits from our lives.
    This song paints a grim landscape but if that has been your home -it is revered in your memory……just as the smell of kippers and toast whisk me back to foggy novembers and the smell of a hyacynth takes me back to childhood Easters.
    A good little song….I’m glad it came round again.

  18. Jane Ramsden says:

    Morning all! Tickets for Spiers & Boden Backyard Tour arrived this morning – yeh! 11th May, Vic Hall, Saltaire. Back yard? That’s a World Heritage Village! Liza Carthy and Jim Moray coming in June, so funds must be found for that too. Tickets already got for Show of Hands at Bradford Playhouse. I’m keeping my folking hand in! Hahahahahaha!

  19. Jane Ramsden says:

    @ Brad: Thanks for your informative comment. Go as personal as you like. Methinks is where folky music comes from and why it touches us all personally. Sad news about Graeme. Sea Coal an all=time favourite on here as magnificently rendered by Jon B and partner Fay Hield. (We are all still waiting on that album of you as a duo!) Can’t believe Graeme was only 14 when he wrote it. How gifted!

  20. dave brunskill says:

    Beautiful 🙂

  21. dave brunskill says:

    Does anybody have a simple chord progression for this song please?

  22. Jim McNeill says:

    Great son and well song….thank you 🙂

  23. Jim McNeill says:

    Hmmmm maybe that should have been: Great song and well song….thank you 🙂

  24. OldMuzza(NW Surrey UK) says:

    Ok Jim….one last try
    perhaps…great song and well sung

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