Rose In April


Jon admits “I’m a big fan of Kate Rusby’s first album Hourglass – this is one of the few non-trad tracks on it and it’s a pretty convincing ‘fake folk song’ I reckon. Sophie Polhill (from Magpie Lane) sings this unaccompanied and it’s one of those songs that shouldn’t really work as a chorus song, but really, really does.”

She’s one of a number of talented writers working convincingly in the folk style. It’s encouraging that there are so many of them. On that subject watch out for Bella Hardy’s new album Songs Lost And Stolen, which has quietly worked its way under my skin and I’m sure will reward your patient attention. April is turning out to be a top month.



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  1. John Wigley says:

    I too am a huge fan of Hourglass. Nice vers as the young people say (though I’ve never met a young person who says vers!)

  2. John Wigley says:

    By ‘vers’ I of course meant the diminutive of version NOT a poorly typed ‘verse’!

  3. Jane Ramsden says:

    Lovely again! Think I will have to delve into Kate Rusby and Bella Hardy soon. I can’t keep up with everyone’s music I don’t know! Just got a Jackie Oates CD though. I’m learning…

  4. Simon Dewsbury says:

    just tried to put together a learned viewpoint on ‘fake folk song lyrics’ and lost it, so i’ll precis – I like these lyrics but I’m aware that they’re self consciously of The Tradition – which is fine but I’d prefer something like Chris Wood’s wonderful ‘Hollow Point’, which takes the convention of the start of a folk song (‘Awake arise you drowsy sleeper’) and then turns it into a complelety contemporary subject. if you’re interested

    on the other hand Bella Hardy’s ‘Three black Feathers ‘ is masterful, I’m not quite what makes me warm to that so much more.

    Jane, hope you’re enjoying the Jackie Oates CD, saw her live week before last and she was excellent.

  5. Neil says:

    Simon – in a similar vein – Richard Thompson’s ‘Vincent Black Lightning’ 1957′.

  6. Phil says:

    That was not bad at all; perhaps the language overdoes the fal-a-dal stylings just a bit, but it’d be churlish to complain. I think a plainer (an even plainer) rendition would suit this well.

    I lean both ways with the Chris Wood song. To begin with I didn’t like it at all; I found it declamatory and predictable, as political songs often are (amazing guitar work, mind you). But it won me over, more or less, mainly thanks to the sheer plainness of a lot of the language. The first (repeated) verse is terrific, and

    “And so to Stockwell Tube they came”

    is a superb line.

  7. John M. Simmons Jr. says:

    Truely cosmic everything turns and the skin pricks like first love…

  8. Muzza(N.W.Surrey. UK) says:

    Very pretty song and words..well sung and played…….just her luck to have a psychopath for a father!
    @SimonD.thanks for the Chris Wood link………a well crafted song and well sung but I began to get impatient for the next verse…too much of a gap.

  9. Diana says:

    Really lovely and hard to realise it is not a “trad” folk song.

  10. John Biggs (Welsh Marches) says:

    A good song this, and well sung by Jon. I am not a great fan of Ms. Rusby so it was new to me, and had me fooled. I wonder why someone would go to the trouble of writing a song in this style when, as Jon has shown over all these months, there is no shortage of traditional material telling the same story, or variations of the same theme. Is there someone out there composing sonnets in the style of Shakespeare ?

  11. Diana says:

    @ Linda- thanks for your support I appreciate it. Decision made and done. Both vets said it was the right decision. Although she was 17 years or so, we had her for 12 and she would not have had this time had not my son rescued her from her fate. Still it was hard to do and she will be missed.

  12. Linda says:

    Enjoyed this one. Took a chance and went to see Kate Rusby at Buxton Opera house ,enjoyable night including her partners “jokes”.
    @Diana glad you have made your decision,it isn’t easy. but if ella was anything like our cat she will keep you company for many years. I think you will understand what I mean I hope so.

  13. John Bryson says:

    In my humble opinion, one word describes this song and Jon’s performance – ‘Glorious’

  14. Jane Ramsden says:

    Agree with you John, though I’m also a great fan of Jon’s performance of ‘Rose in June’ on here, as opposed to April. This is gloriously yearning and lugubrious, but the other is a ‘reet timber-shiverer’ Both end in the usual sad folksong demises, of course! Well sung!

  15. John Bryson says:

    A year on, and still a glorious song. Just catching up after my hols – this, Banks of the Tees and One April Morning a great way to welcome Spring

  16. John Bryson says:

    Two years on, and I am listening to this on a lovely Spring afternoon here in Leicestershire – what can I say about the song? To repeat myself once again – glorious

  17. old Muzza(N.W.Surrey.UK) says:

    Wey hey John………good to know that you are still clinging to the wreckage!…and here I am…sunbathing amid the bluebells in the glorious
    Surrey hills (well- I was earlier in the day!)

  18. John Bryson says:

    Bluebells will soon be out around here Muzza

  19. John Bryson says:

    Just having a listen to this great number, so well sung. Unlike Muzza sunbathing among the bluebells this time last year, plants are running late due to the weather this weather. In fact today is more appropriate to go surfing on the flooded fields around here in Leicestershire.
    Anyway, I look forward to seeing Jon solo later this month on his tour

  20. Old Muzza (NW Surrey UK) says:

    Whoa young John…….so thee and me (and Lindy Lou) still clinging to the wreckage.
    Oh dear……. more rain today……only our diaries tell us that last year was hot and sunny

  21. Linda says:

    Travelled to Derby from Llandudno yesterday snow, rain, floods…travelled home today lovely blue skies…..

  22. OldMuzza (NWSurrey UK) says:

    there I was enjoying the song and ……WHOA…….the old fella whips out a dagger and kills everybody………………I demand a rewrite where the father says……..I rode like the devil just to bring you a bag of gold so that you and your truelove can set up home and live happily ever after (oh- just me then….snowflake that I appear to be!)

  23. OldMuzza(NWSurrey UK) says:

    Soooooo….down south, on 30thMarch, we had a tantalising, record breaking 24C (78F)with a promise that the 31st would be even hotter…it didn’t happen…we had no sun and chill winds and the forecast for this Easter weekend is Arctic winds….and there I was, on a previous year, sunbathing in the bluebells!!!! It’s only AFSAD that keeps our spirits up!

  24. John Bryson says:

    I still retain my view of several years ago – this is a super song and so well sung.

    On the vagaries of early Spring weather, my Wife Jane and I came in last night from an excellent Ninebarrow concert with 0 degree C on the car dashboard and we have a hard frost this morning – roll on the warmer weather

  25. OldMuzza(NW Surrey UK) says:

    Ha… has just been reported that we had the wettest March for ages….what happened to the old days of ‘March winds and April showers’ folk lore!

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