Jon calls this “ A nice bit of timeless satire from Kipling with a tune by Bellamy as usual. It’s interesting that so fervent an imperialist could be so scathing about idle class hypocrisy. He was nothing if not a complex character, as was Bellamy by the way.”

From Barrack Room Ballads and as you’d come to expect Mainly Norfolk has this one covered. I’ll ad the use of the name Tommy, short for Tommy Atkins as a generic term for a soldier is quite interesting and you can Wiki here. Typically not as straightforward as you might think, but the truth is in there somewhere.


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  1. John Biggs says:

    Another well sung version of a Kipling classic. Nothing changes ! For a modern take on the same subject go to Ralph McTell’s excellent song, ‘Lost Boys’ to be found on his Red Sky c.d.

  2. Jane Ramsden says:

    Not just hypocrisy about despising the soldier in peacetime and hailing him as a hero in times of war, but a sad indictment on the class divide. The song is not really about the officer class, but the common man being good enough for cannon fodder.

    I can only echo John above, another well-sung version of a Kipling classic. Thnx for the informative Wiki-link, Skyman.

  3. Muzza(N.W.Surrey. UK) says:

    Was it ever thus……..we human beans are a strange breed……
    Kipling’s poem gives the soldier as an example but…..
    a friend can be grateful when you help him out with a loan but grow to resent you(even though you have done him a great favour) when the crisis is over and he has to repay you.

  4. Simon says:

    Diana, sorry your comment of the other day was hoovered up by the spam filter, for no discernable reason that I can see. I wasn’t on hand to reinstate it as we had stock check over the weekend, though you’ll see it’s in place now. It happens from time to time and various folks have fallen victim to its random tendencies, but it’s better there than not, as it does gobble up huge amounts of genuine rubbish. I won’t go into detail, although there’s a good deal of highly inappropriate stuff appears daily that thankfully you don’t have to look at. The odd bit gets through even so, often on posts that are days or weeks old. Anyway I’ll try and ensure I’m around and keeping an eye, just in case anything else that shouldn’t gets snaffled. Don’t panic if it does.

    As for the life of AFSAD, I’ll continue to reschedule the posts through to the same end point as last year. Beyond that I don’t know what will happen. All of the songs are still available to listen to as we stand: if the costs of hosting start to mount, however, we may have to take them down. This was never intended as a big commercial project, but if more people buy the monthly albums, or just songs they like it helps cover the running costs.

  5. Diana says:

    Thank you Simon for you explanation. I was quite worried until Muzza said it does happen. I could not for the life of me think what I had written that could be misconstrued.

    As for your second paragraph I hope it happens as I do look forward to my daily listen, and believe me I have purchased a lot of the songs that you have played.

  6. Diana says:

    Back on schedule now so have listened to the song. A good combination of Rudyard and Jon. Not an easy one though with the language used. As stated above the poor old common soldier usually ends up in the firing line rather than the officers. I know that this is not always the case nowadays, but in Tommy Atkins time it would have been.

    By the way the clock is an hour behind still.

  7. Simon says:

    Diana, I’m aware it might look like I’m having a general dig above, which wasn’t what I intended. I was simply trying to point out the practicalities. The hosting has to be paid for and the songs add to the data storage and band width costs. I’m happy for them to remain open to new comers, but it’s not me paying for it, so I’ll do as I’m told in that respect. I don’t think that scheduling them all again will happen and whether the regular commentators will want to go round for a third time is debateable (will you????), but again if it’s what’s required I’ll happily do it. Replacing the audio back into the posts where it had been taken down was the process that took the time for this repeat run and that won’t be needed again and I’ll also say that if we suddenly added a load of new people, of course it would be different. Meanwhile, if there are things you’ve missed you will find them in the archive, so don’t panic. It probably goes without saying, but shouldn’t, so thanks for your interest and involvement and I sincerely hope you enjoy the music you’ve purchased for years to come.

  8. Muzza(N.W.Surrey. UK) says:

    @Admin Simon………….
    “Newcomers?” …not seen one of those for ages………….the old fella (That’s me). and Diana the faithfull, seemed to have frightened everybody else off…including the good hearted, accident-prone cat molester.
    You and Jon have done a great job…introduced us to loads of new songs +histories of the same and new aquaintences.
    I suspect that many people have enjoyed the site but not commented and We have not been subjected to the intimated abuse that your filters have zapped…so thank you for that………..we can all meet again on Properganda…
    Last to leave -please turn off the lights.

  9. Muzza(N.W.Surrey. UK) says:

    @AdminSimon………..Drat…..I’ve lost the link to your other site Proper*****

  10. Diana says:

    @ Simon I do understand where you are coming from and realise what a huge undertaking it is, so I join in with Muzza’s comments. We will all have to wait and see. Unlike Muzza I don’t think I have ever had the link to Properganda so you can now kill two birds with one stone if you put it up sometime. It looks like you wont get rid of us easily!

  11. Reynard says:

    There’s no need to turn off the lights yet, Muzza. We still have three months of finest songs before us.

  12. Diana says:

    @Muzza I do love your description of the three of us – the fella, the falthful and … well we will have to wait and see what Jane has to say about hers.

  13. Diana says:

    I suppose it could be the fella, the faithful, the feline carer and the fox. How about that then? I think that is alliteration if I remember my lessons in english. 🙂

  14. Jan says:

    I’m still around too, still enjoying the songs, notes and comments second time around and still occasionally chipping in with the odd comment!

  15. Linda says:

    Hi I’m still here as well. I have the full set of songs on disc, but enjoy the banter between everybody. I do not always have the time to read all the background info but appreciate all the work that has been put in. I also appreciated the friendship of people I”ve never met when Colin had his broken thumb [which, Diana. he is now back at work and signed off from the hospital]. Anyway look forward to sailing with the Captain for another three months!

  16. Muzza(N.W.Surrey. UK) says:

    @Jan/Linda/Reynard…….Huzzah….I knew a bit of prodding would set you off……good to know that you are still there and good to hear that Thumbelina(aka Jack Horner) is fully recovered and back at work.

  17. Jane Ramsden says:

    “the good-hearted, accident-prone cat molester?” – how very dare ye! Just because I am uncharacteristically quiet does not mean I have gone away. You should be so lucky!

    And you have made no mention of my shape-shifting ursine qualities, the other facet of my multiple personality disorder, so necessary for dealing with life’s stresses and strains. Other people would just have well, other people. I believe I am unique in having Ted… well, not unique, as there are the 2 of us… but you get my drift…

  18. Muzza(N.W.Surrey. UK) says:

    Ted….pealse say srroy to Jnae for me…I am so inesinitvse. I am glad to hear that ,although quiet, you are both keeping well.

  19. Linda says:

    Oooo, Kipling and Bellamy. Have just acquired a copy of Bellamy’s The Transports , also just got tickets for The Full English, see Bury Met site for details or Fay’s website. Hope everybody has a good easter weather permitting!

  20. Linda says:

    4 years on ….have been to see The Transports at Bury Met
    @Muzza remember the link I gave you for The Transports kept you amused for about an hour and a half !!!!!!

  21. Old Muzza (NW Surrey UK) says:

    Hi Lindy Lou…….you wont see this but I have actually learned the song…
    .Driver of the Plymouth Mail…love it

  22. Old Muzza (NW Surrey-UK) says:

    Blimey….was that a year ago that I was learning Plymouth mail….I sing it all the time as I go on my daily 2mile walk along the canal(Have to go over all my songs as I walk along as the words soon leave the old memory).not had a chance to sing it out yet or put my version on youtube

  23. OldMuzza(NWSurrey UK) says:

    Well………I really need to count my blessings as here I am: STILL enjoying my daily folk song jogger from this excellent virtual library……..and I see from the 2012 comments that, at the time, it was expected to close.
    Good golly….I would miss it.

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