Daddy Fox


Another cracker and Jon says, “From Barry Dransfield’s Be Your Own Man album – there are so many good songs on that album. Somehow I always have Quentin Blake illustrations in my head when I sing this.” Mainly Norfolk again has this covered and refers back to The Young Tradition’s version. I love the sleeve notes suggesting Peter Bellamy learning it at the knee of his Great-Aunt Henrietta, albeit with an American twist. I also note Cyril Tawney’s hand in the version that they sang and this Mudcat thread and branches off thereof, suggests there are many versions of this song to be found with many different tunes being used. I must say I really like this version and the foxes triumph in this case is one for the, erm, underdog.
You can buy the January digital album now from all good download stores.


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  1. Karen Russell says:

    Not the tune I know. Good to hear alternative as always.

  2. John Wigley says:

    Always enjoy this one, different tune and all…though strangely, my favourite version remains a 100 mph Nickel Creek take that sits illicitly on my laptop!

  3. SRD says:

    One I recall from ‘Singing Together’ at school, albeit a slightly different version.

  4. John Evans says:

    Great stuff! Hopefully this may lead on to other Dransfield greats such as “Rout of the Blues”, perhaps with Fay? Be your Own Man is an album I keep returning to, which as you say, has some great tracks on it, Derby Ram, Jezebel Waltz, One for Jo to name but a few. Keep up the excellent work Jon!

  5. Reinhard says:

    John, if you want to hear Fay, try her Daddy Fox with the Witches of Elswick, may they rest in peace. It’s to a completely different tune (The Carrion Crow) but just as lovely as the Young Tradition / Dransfield / Boden version.

  6. Peter Little says:

    It was hearing Peter Bellamy and Young Tradition singing this way back in the late 60’s that got me started on unaccompanied folk singing (so you can blame them). Hearing Jon singing it is just such an inspiration to know that the tradition is being carried forward – terrific stuff.

  7. Shelley says:

    I remember the school version too – need to resurrect it to teach at the school where I work.

  8. Maureen Musson says:

    I remember it from the folk club I attended in the 60’s. Great chorus for joining in!

  9. John Evans says:

    Reinhard, thanks for the suggestion. It’s on my list to download (all paid for of course!) some of the Witches tracks along with Fay’s new CD. Thank goodness for digital downloads and the internet as getting my music fixes over here in Oman would be tricky!!


  10. Jane Ramsden says:

    Yeah! A song I know, albeit to a different tune. I think I sang it as a child, so sentiment says I prefer ‘the original,’ but very interesting to hear an alternative and be reminded of what I’d forgot!

  11. Diana says:

    Like Jane I seem to remember the song but not the tune. Just glad there are no grey gooses (I do know it’s geese, just prefer gooses) anywhere near here. Still love foxes though.

  12. Diana says:

    Me again – about a mile away from us in fields next to the river is a huge flock of Canada Geese (sometimes well over and hundred I estimate) so I don’t imagine our local foxes starve if they are lucky enough to catch one.

  13. Dainer says:

    Muzza I tried to listen to you on the radio programme yesterday on 95.4 FM but the old Grundig has so many programmes so close together I couldn’t get away from Radio Manchester. Hope it went well. I noticed you got wet yet again. Well for a change the sun is out for first time in yonks and there was a frost last night. The road has been gritted too which is ominous – the council only seem to do that if they are expecting snow and we think there must be someone important further down the road cos they don’t usually bother with non-main roads.

  14. muzza (N.W Surrey) says:

    @Dainer…………..Bless you…the interview went well………softie southern radio waves dare not go north of Watford so no wonder you couldnt get reception…however.I have attached re-listen link that might work…
    approx 2hrs 40 mins into the programme…
    and while I’m in this this “blow your own trumpet” mood….I sang a gooosy song on youtube

  15. Dainer says:

    Lovely – look foward to programme and also “goosey” song Muzza. Glad all went well for you.

  16. Dainer says:

    Wonderful Muzza – loved your “goosey” song. You were just like I imagined you except I didn’t see you with a beard. You brought back memories of some of my relatives in Winchester with your southern accent – nice.

  17. Muzza+426days (NW Surrey-UK) says:

    @Dainer…………….bless your little cotton socks………the ‘southern accent’ that I put on in the above youtube clip is supposed to be an agricultural accent to go with the song ! I must confess that I think in that accent when I comment on afsad…that’s why you get lots of ‘me dearios’ etc!…We had fantastic, sunny weather for morris today but blooming cold (by southern standards!)…..hooray…Janey squeaked at last!

  18. Jane Ramsden says:

    Squeak the second…. lol…

  19. Jan says:

    Love this song in all its variations, going back to schooldays, and I seem to remember Burl Ives singing it on the radio. Miscellany sing the Witches of Elswick version with sound effects – bell, hunting horn, and duck quack.
    Glad you had good weather for the Morris, Muzza!

  20. Diana says:

    Well Muzza you did a jolly good accent then cos you did sound like one or two of my relatives. Now I wonder how you sound when not going your agricultural accent. Jane ha squeaked again on FB, it was nice to see back.

  21. Old Muzza(NW Surrey.UK says:

    Ref the youtube song above……..All us young ‘Goddards’…should have been ‘Gozzards'(goose carers-like shepherds) but had brain failure(frequently) and the old voice sounds as though it is about to drop out. haven’t sung this for some time……amazed to see it again and realise that I still know the words…soon as I’m off here I’m gonna grab the old melodeon and give it a go

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