The Hand Weaver And The Factory Maid


Shorn of its big, bold, brassiness, what is on Hedonism a lusty tale sounds a little forlorn and frustrated and Jon says, “There are loads of versions of this around. I particularly like the Steeleye version on Tonight’s The Night. I learnt it for Pete Flood’s Bellowhead version and so follow his words.” You can see a little about Bert Lloyd’s compared to Steeleye’s versions on Mainly Norfolk with Bellowhead’s lyrics now added. If that inclines you to open a can of worms at all, Mudcat here (although you might have to play with the page scroll to get the sense of this.) The clear inference is that Bert rewrote much to suit his own political agenda. Whether that matters much I cannot honestly say, but it’s another interesting little diversion/red herring depending on your preference.  I am rather taken by the prospect of further, rather ruder lines, but it’s just that sort of day!



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  1. muzza says:

    Whoa….touch of the Lady Chatterleys creeping in here…..I can’t hear this as a gentle song as I have the full-on, dance- round -the -room “Brass Monkey” version crashing around in my head.

  2. Jane Ramsden says:

    Now I do love songs about ‘textiles’, being born in the shadow of Lister’s Mill where my grandmother worked. But I love this rich song in particular, which can also be found on Megson’s marvellous latest album, The Longshot, with its theme of working life. Another one for the Christmas stocking methinks, so you can enjoy this song all over again!

    Wonderfully rendered, Jon! I could be tempted to vote for this one, but so few comments mean it sadly won’t be up there in the poll…

  3. John Monk says:

    Yeah!!! I have a lovely image of the breasts in my head. Very well sung Jon.

  4. Diana says:

    Quite different but just as good as the Hedonism arrangement. Well sung.

    Hi John B hope you enjoyed your Barnstaple gig. Nice town as I recall. Visited it when holidaying in Ilfracombe some years ago.

    Welcome John M. Will bear your suggestion in mind where accompaniment is necessary although I have a very complete drum kit in this room (my son’s I hasten to add).

  5. Diana says:

    A great song and Jon makes a good fist of it.

  6. Old Muzza(NW Surrey-UK) says:

    Ahhhhhhhhhh….does bring back memories of things that one used to be interested in the far off days………..could get you into a whole lot of trouble and heartache……quite a relief to be past it all……………….still like that old mind blowing version of the music by Brass Monkey….now where did I put that old air guitar!!!

  7. OldMuzza(NW Surrey UK) says:

    Yup….lucky I have a good memory as such shenanigans are fast fading into the distant past!
    Cor blimey guvnor…our first frost of the year darn souf !
    must check the car antifreeze.

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