Welcome to A Folk Song A Day


Welcome to A Folk Song A Day, the new project from Jon Boden. From the 24th June 2010 (midsummers day), Jon will be releasing a new version of a traditional folk song each and every day for a year.

On this site we’ll be bringing you the chance to listen to each new track for a short time after its initial release.


13 Responses to “Welcome to A Folk Song A Day”

  1. mollymagic says:

    this is very exciting, can’t wait 🙂 x

  2. silver65 says:

    Excellent idea Jon, I cannot wait .

  3. pat finn says:

    Encourage everyone to sing – brilliant !!

  4. Mick Jenx says:

    Inspired and inspiring idea

  5. Karen Varga says:

    Great idea – more singing, more being sociable! Let’s join together in song 🙂

  6. Sinéad says:

    Sounds like a lovely idea, really looking forward to all of the songs 🙂

  7. Manna Dobo says:

    If Karen is Hungarian then we can join as the international team. Really looking forward to this site!

  8. Nancy Khan says:

    I’m already planning to set up my own pub night based on your radio interview today. I went to a sing along night in Marylebone a few times. It was great fun. Any ideas where we can get lyrics/score from?

  9. Yer Gran says:

    Great idea and off to a brilliant start,many thanks Jon

  10. Chris Armstrong says:

    Fantastic song to start with Jon.

    As you say, the song we don’t sing because everyone sings it……not.
    Memories flooding back of my first Morris ale in the early seventies and the introduction to folk singing by all these loud chorus singing old Morris men. Now i’one of them!!

    Looking forward to the rest of the set.
    Good luck hope the voice holds out.


  11. Karen Varga says:

    @ Mana Dobo – my father was Hungarian (he is unfortunately no longer with us) – recommendations for good Hungarian folk songs welcome 🙂

  12. SRD says:

    Thanks for this project. As a child we sang around the piano at home, trad folk songs, music hall, pop, whatever took my mother’s fancy. In my 20s/30s I helped out at Farningham Folk Club where a trad singer would have me running out to the pub. Then, after a few years away from folk immersing myself in classicalmusic and discovering just how much it owes to traditional songs and tunes I’ve returned refreshed and can listen to the music here with a fresh ear. I don’t like all the songs, why should I? After listening to the first dozen or so I felt completely Boden’ed out, but coming back to listen in small sections (like a singers’ night set maybe?) has proved to be a great experience. Keep them coming, and of all sorts, I’ve recently re-listened to my recordings of the Copper family, they didn’t seem to worry whether it was trad/C&W/music hall or what, it’s all good, unaccompanied singing.

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