Top Folk Song: November Poll


It’s that time of month again when we ask you to vote for your favourite track of the past month, the winner of which we will then leave up on this site as a representation for November.

We’ve selected the seven most popular songs for you to listen to again and vote on below (based on page views, comments and Likes), however if you think there’s an obvious contender for Top November Song that we’ve missed out then let us know in the comments.

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The vote is now closed and the winner is If You Want To See The General (read full post here).
[audio:|titles=If You Want To See The General]

You can buy the November digital album now from all good download stores.


9 Responses to “Top Folk Song: November Poll”

  1. jonathan says:

    Purely personal, Farewell to Old Bedford; not just for itself but also for bringing Tim Eriksen to a wider audience – a key part of this project.
    Bruton Town ‘cos Jon’s direct style ‘pinned back my ears’
    If pushed, Bedford because I’d never heard it before

  2. Mark says:

    If You Want To See The General is very moving, and thoroughly deserves to win, but I’ve voted for His Name Is Andrew, as I see no one else has! I was surprised by that, as I thought it was great. Looks like IYWTSTG will take the spoils though.

    Another great month, I love this project, something to look forward to each day.

  3. Phil says:

    Can we have a free vote next month? I’d vote for
    Cold Blows the Wind
    Grey Goose and Gander
    Fire Marengo
    My Johnny was a Shoemaker
    Warlike Lads of Russia
    Poor Fellows
    South Australia
    See, See The Cape’s In View
    Mary Ann
    or Bruton Town ahead of any of those (it’s been quite a strong month!)

  4. Ceryswyn says:

    Oh yes, I really did enjoy See, See The Cape’s In View. Of course I’m enjoying all of these songs many of which are new to me and some that have been with me my whole life.

    I’m at an impasse for this months vote though.

    While I want to vote for If you see the General, Hard Times is also a corker and Spencer the Rover was beautifully sung.

  5. Danilo says:

    I agree with Phil
    give us a free choice next month
    most discussed are not necessarily the best ones

  6. Rosemary says:

    tough choice between “If you want to see the general” and “hard times”…

  7. Jane Ramsden says:

    I’m with Jonathan and Mark! I truly think Farewell To Old Bedford should have been in the voting, won’t shed bitter tears at all if The General wins the poll, or Spencer the Rover on account of the lovely harmonies of the duet, but I am surprised so few votes for His Name Is Andrew. Hence that is where I am going to cast mine this month, for something new and unusual to my ears.

  8. Lenora Rose says:

    I think even with the other suggestions, I’d stick with His Name is Andrew (though My Johnny Was a Showemaker is a close second.).

    But yes, in this case, most discussed definitely did not always mean most appreciated; i seem to recall Love at the Five and Dime mostly being a brangle over whether it even counted as a folk song.

  9. Alex says:

    I thought the warlike lads of Russia and my Johnny was a shoemaker were both fantastic.

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